Persistent depression can literally paralyze an individual. Depression often manifests as an extended period of intense sadness, overwhelm, excessive guilt, hopelessness, little to no motivation, insomnia or over sleeping. While in the throws of depression individuals may over or under eat, isolate themselves from others and find no joy when doing things they typically like doing . Those afflicted with depression can have difficulty concentrating, experience extreem fatigue and feel anxious. Untreated depression can demolish every aspect of a person’s life.

People suffering with depression may not find the energy to get out of bed or maintain personal hygiene. They feel as if they are walking waist deep through mud to accomplish things others do with ease. They often try to manage their depression by isolating effectively cutting themselves off from others emotionally and physically. Checking email, voicemail texts or picking up the phone is too taxing. Depressed people are experience fatigue, guilt, hopelessness, shame about being depressed and believing no one can help or understand them. Depression feels overpowering and undefeatable. However, even in the most severe cases of depression people improve and can recover with proper treatment.

With compassion, therapy will treat the symptoms of your depression and the underlying causes. You learn the neccesary skills to rebuild the life that depression crumbled and reengage with the world and your relationships. For some the combination of medication with therapy is the most effective way to treat their depression. The decision to use medication is discussed in therapy and completely up to you whether to do so or not. It is absolutely possible to recover from depression and enjoy life once again.

Please contact me for help with your depression and begin the journey to reenter your life with a sense of excitement and purpose.