Dissociation occurs when the body’s emergency response system’s accelerator and break are simultaneously fully engaged by an overwhelming traumatic event. Dissociative symptoms frequently persist long after the traumatic event is over in varies degrees. When people dissociate they may experience feeling emotionally and physically numb, as if they are floating outside their body, walking around in a dream state or have flash backs. Some loose time which they can not account for. Other individuals may wonder how they ended up in a town many miles from their home with no recollection of driving there. Some individuals feel as if the person next to them is miles away and can not hear anything the person is saying. It is not uncommon that in the midst of a dissociative episode one is unable to speak or move their body. Many individuals also dissociate through creating a fantasy life. These fantasies often include being rescued, getting approval, or being unconditionally loved. In extreme cases individuals may develop DID, dissociative identity disorder formerly known as multiple personality disorder.

Dissociation’s effects are devastating. A dissociative episode can come out of nowhere with no discernible cause. An individual may be in conversation with someone and not remember what was said. This can devastate relationships because the other person may believe they are being ignored or they are not important to listen to. In a dissociative state one may experience a complete disconnect from their body and find it difficult to reconnect or come back. Some individuals feel as if they have never been connected. Others dissociate and only realize they were gone when they “come back”.

In the initial phase of treatment you learn to get back into your body. Dissociation has its roots in trauma. Concurrently to getting back into your body you will gain an understanding about the mind body connection between trauma and dissociation. With this foundation laid you identify what triggers your dissociation in the present. The trauma/s are processed through talk therapy, somatic based therapy and many clients find processing their trauma with EMDR very helpful.

You can be present in your life and move beyond the trauma. Call and make an appointment to begin living in the gift that is the present.