EMDR Therapy is a highly effective and thoroughly researched specialized trauma therapy effective with all ages and different types of trauma whether the trauma is emotional, verbal or violent. When EMDR therapy is administered correctly by a trained professional the memory of the trauma remains but the chronic pentetrating emotions and the body’s response to the traumatic memory fade away and no longer triggered by external or internal stimuli.

EMDR was one of the first of two therapies approved to treat combat trauma by the US Department of Defense and is now widely used by the Veterans Adminstration to treat combat related PTSD. EMDR Therapy is also used to treat any type of

While a traumatic event is occurring individuals have thoughts, experience intense emotions, and their body is physiologically responds all at once. What makes EMDR therapy unique is that it addresses the brain’s thought processes, its emotional regulation system and it’s physiological emergency regulation system in a simultaneous fashion.

The most current trauma research indicates that traumatic memories are not resolved through talk therapy alone. While the importance of talk therapy can not be dismissed it does not recalibrate the emotional regulation system in the brain or the body’s emergency response system that surged into action because of the traumatic event.

During an EMDR therapy session a client is asked to bring up an image of the traumatic event, their thoughts, emotions and body sensations accompanying the image of the traumatic event and rate how disturbed they feel on a scale of 1 to 10. Next an alternating left to right form of sensory input is applied. This could be lights that the client tracks from left to right, sounds from headphones that alternate from left to right, or gentle pulses from hand held buds that alternate from left to right. The client completes sets of the alternating left right sensory stimulation while recalling the traumatic event until their level of disturbance has dissolved.

I am an EMDR International Association Certified EMDR Therapist practicing the art of EMDR therapy since 2008. I successfully use EMDR therapy to help clients resolve violent trauma, childhood sexual and physical abuse, medical trauma, birth trauma, car accidents, illness, chronic pain, injury accidents, neglect, childhood psychological abuse, being fired, creative blocks, addiction, performance anxiety, optimal performance and many other issues. EMDR therapy can literally change a person’s life.

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