Traumatic events occur when one or both of these conditions are met.

An individual is either the victim of or witness to an event that threatened death or bodily harm to the victim themselves or another individual. These events are typically associated with (PTSD) post traumatic stress disorder. Trauma experts refer to these at Big T Traumas .
The most recent trauma research discovered the human mind and body records any experience whereby an individual is engulfed by intense negative emotions and thoughts as traumatic events. trauma experts dub these “little t” traumas . They are traumas created by consistent negative experiences pecking away little by little at a person’s self worth causing them intense shame and to believe “I am not good enough, I don’t deserve, or I can’t”.
Trauma studies consistently identify that both types of painful experiences are recorded and neurologically imprinted upon the the human brain and within the human body. I call this a “trauma network”. Anything reminiscent of the traumatic event/s, conscious or unconscious, trips a neurological wire of a person’s trauma network and all the negative emotions, thoughts, and body sensations are experienced in the present in a very real way. This is why individuals often feel haunted by their trauma/s or haunted by their past.

Individuals may become depressed, develop self sabotaging behaviors, panic disorders, chronic anxiety, become suicidal, live below their abilities, have a short fuse, experience flash backs, develop a behavioral or substance addiction, or feel as if they are out of their body just to name a few. These symptoms negatively impact all of their relationships including the one with themselves.

I am a trauma specialist and have successfully treated both “little t” traumas and Big T Traumas. Treatment consists of processing the trauma in talk therapy and addressing the mind body response to the traumatic event. The links between the traumatic event/s, to toxic shame, low self worth, and self sabotaging behaviors are made.

Many times EMDR Therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is part of trauma treatment. EMDR is an evidenced based treatment specifically for trauma. It is approved by the VA and the Department of Defense to effectively treat combat related trauma. I may also teach a skill set from the The Trauma Resiliency Model . TRM is a biologically based model that restores the balance to the central nervous system to relieve PTSD symptoms. Some clients’ treatment may include a referral for a psychiatric evaluation for medication . This is not always the case and the client is always the one who determines whether they would like to go that route. Clients learn how to replace their trauma coping with healthy new coping and reenter their lives and relationships.

You can move through your trauma and live a full and free life. I invite you to please contact me and begin the healing process.